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Jocelyn Says the Darndest Things. Pt. II

Hi all!

That’s right! It’s time for another around of “Shit our friend Jocelyn says…” Pt. II. I know its been a while since I’ve posted the first one, but I’ve been trying to accumulate a number of a quotes to make an anthology of the things Jocelyn says. And, since I know my last blog post was totally half-assed and I’m currently on the ferry home for some turkey-filled goodness and famjam filled fun, I figured I might as well blog. So, after much anticipation, here it is:

  1. I tripped today and fell face first into my door – via text
  2. When are we meeting later? Ps: I got stung by a bee!!! – via text
  3. (During a board game) I wanted to put my hands in my pockets and realized I wasn’t wearing a cardigan… – in person
  4. @brandyn_cox just realized that you’re the only person who retweets me haha –via twitter
  5. I like my outfit today haha. I think it’s the skirt… I like the skirts a lot haha. – via text message
  6. I’m not drunk I’m just too tired to walk – in person during the Oregon trip
  7. I don’t want to eat with my fingers, I just want to poke food around my fork… – in person during dinner in Oregon
  8. While Cam and I were trying to explain what eggs benedict were to Jocelyn, she screams (literally) “Poached eggs are hard to make!” – in person, during breakfast at a diner, in front of people. 
  9. Is that waffle cone good? I haven’t gotten mine yet. I like waffles. I could just eat waffles – in person. She said all that before I even had the chance to reply. 
  10. (@bubble world) I feel like I’m a kid and you two are my parents. My gay parents. – in person (directed at me and Cameron)

    Well, that concludes this edition of Shit Jocelyn Says…

    Until next time, and thanks for reading. 


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