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Save this Date.

November 29, 2011. Tuesday @ 10/9c on CBC.

This is going to be really, really, ridiculously, awesome. Victoria’s Secret Annual Fashion Show. I’m not even going to bother explaining myself for this one. Instead, I’ll just name drop the crap out of this blog. The following images may be offensive to some viewers and should probably only read this blog at their discretion. Furthermore, the following images may or may not appear in any specific order that may or may not reflect my personal affinity for said individual based on looks or reputation.


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Holy fajldkjfaljdsla!!!!

I totally forgot how fun playing video games can be! It’s been like a bujillion years since I’ve just sat down with some friends and played video games. I may just totally be nostalgic right now, but holy. Since I decided to stay in Victoria this summer, I didn’t get much opportunity to see my regular friends from back home in good ol’ Surrey, Jocelyn (yes, that one) and Cameron. Typically, in the summer, when we have a lot of down time, Cam, Joce and I, usually end up at someone’s house and spend like 3 hours playing COD. I miss this. Like, a lot. The best part about playing with Cam and Joce, especially at Joce’s house, was that Joce and I were of comparable craptastic ability at first-person shooter games.

This evening, a buddy of mine from the swim club had some guys over for video games. We played Black Ops. Now, you have to understand, I am really terrible at video games. I know, I know. How un-asian of me. Almost as bad as an Asian F, but not quite. Anyways, being me, and liking comfort and routine, I was very satisfied playing Modern Warfare 2, but instead, we played Black Ops. This scared the shit out of me. I’ve played Black Ops maybe all of twice, at Cam’s house. I realize it’s suppose to be the same game play and everything, and yadda, yadda, yadda; but, not knowing the map makes the game so much harder to do. Did I also mention, that I am absolutely atrocious at video games? Anyways, we start playing and the boys decide to choose the zombie survival mode or something-rather. Having no clue what I’m doing, I am pretty much asking questions what seemed like every 30 seconds about where to be and who to follow and which exit that had the least amount of zombies I should be guarding. Needless to say, I think they were happy that I was only there for about 2 hours. I’m pretty sure they’re still playing. But holy, was it ever fun to play again. I heard Modern Warfare 3 came out, but so far I haven’t heard anything about it. I’m considering either getting that or Black Ops. Not too sure. All I do know is that, come my short one week christmas vacation break, I definitely have to squeeze in some time with Cam and Joce and COD.

Anyways, that was my tiny burst of excitement for the night. And, hopefully I will have more posts up by the end of this week.

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Men of the Year 2011: Showmen: Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Men of the Year:

Men of the Year 2011: Showmen: Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Menof the Year:

Haha. Pure gold.

Timberlake: I’m picturing a ten-year-old Gosling bumming Marlboro Reds off some bum, growing hipster facial hair…

What's not to love about this picture. Good clothes, good style, good women.

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What’s the dealio???

For those of you who are familiar with my weird quirks and heroine level addiction to fashion know that I go shopping far too often. And most of you also realize that is the correlation, but not necessarily the causation, of my attributed “typical” student-esque financial instability (big surprise…not).

Anyways, to start off my Sunday morning, I decided to head down to Club Monaco prior to spending the afternoon in the library working on this dreaded exercise physiology assignment *whole ‘nother story*. So I’m down at Club Monaco trying on some shirts that I thought might punch up my wardrobe a little better. Unfortunately, I can’t make a hard decision to save my life, so I didn’t end up purchasing anything. However, as I was leaving, I noticed a couple of cute girls in the guys section. Normally I would have just figured that they were shopping for their boyfriends or some form of significant other. Boy, was I wrong on this one. Club Monaco got a huge splurge of sweaters and cardigans this month; some of the biggest items that caught my eye were a couple of these shawl cardigans. Ironically, the girls were sizing up this awesome camel coloured ribbed shawl cardigan. I overheard a bit of their conversation as I was leaving, which went something along the lines of:

Girl 1: “Oh, check out this!”

Girl 2: “Oh, I love that.”

Girl 1: “It’s cute. And it’s not super oversized.”

Girl 2: “Maybe I’ll look into getting one too”

That’s the extent of the conversation I heard. I walked by slow enough as it was and if I lingered any longer then I would be that creepy guy. 

Anyhow, the beef I have is: What on earth, is with girls, shopping in the men’s section at a store like Club Monaco, where women already have an abundant selection of garments to choose from while the men’s section is ridiculed to a quarter of the store’s stock. Honestly, how is this necessary? It’s already hard enough to find a decent selection of men’s clothing here in Victoria. It’s competition enough to find articles of clothing that are nice, comfortable and versatile that don’t cost my monthly income that no other male will have. Not to mention, clothes that FIT me! Now I have to compete with women my age too? WTF?!?! Not cool, women of Victoria. Not cool. Now, its funny that this comes up, because the other day my friend Jocelyn (yes, the same Jocelyn) was proposing a very similar incident. She was looking at gingham shirts the other day and told me she found one at the Gap. I automatically looked online in the women’s section, assuming that’s where she saw it. But no, of course, she found in the men’s department. Not only is she copying me now (in the gingham department), but she’s stealing my selections too. Jocelyn, if you are reading this, please don’t take offense to any of this. So as a little message to women everywhere out there: STOP STEALING CLOTHES FROM THE MEN’S DEPARTMENT. Stick to the women’s section, please & thank you. Like I said, it’s already difficult enough for a man of my stature to find clothes that are nice, affordable, practical, versatile and in MY size. If you want to wear something oversized and hipster, borrow your boyfriend’s, your brother’s or your dad’s clothing. That is all.

Oh and another tid bit of information to all women out there: Never make eye-contact while eating a banana. Ever. 

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