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Carb Hangover

Yesterday encompassed a long day of baby-sitting on the slopes with my two ten-year-old cousins. Both of them had only ever been skiing/snowboarding a handful of times; for me, I hadn’t been on the slopes in probably close to five years. To my surprise, I’m not as sore as I thought I was going to be, just a few kinks in the neck. That’s probably because I spent a majority of my morning/afternoon on green runs and the bunny hill. But hey, I got a free day on the slopes with some excellent fam jam time. No complaints.

I managed to tire out the kids by late afternoon and from there, I rushed home to meet up with my friends Jocelyn and Maggie for dinner. We hit up Lucy’s Diner for some late night milkshakes and carb overload. I’ve got to say, probably one of the best milkshakes I’ve ever had and that Maggie and Joce have yet to disappoint with a dinner choice yet. By the end of the meal, we were just laying in our booth slumped over the table. We all had pretty long days and the added excess of food didn’t help. We were in a food comatose. I’d say it probably took us a good 20 minutes post-meal to leave the diner, and that’s being conservative. Even after we’d all returned to our respective homes, we managed to still text each other about how full and disgusting we felt. Especially Maggie and her side serving of mashed potatoes. But hey, what’s a little indulgence here and there. After a much needed sleep in this morning, I managed to stumble across this during breakfast, which was probably the highlight of my morning:


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Just Waiting.

I know my friends les superlatifs and miscallaneous stories are anxiously anticipating this movie.

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